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How to make a pendulum chart & pendulum

Posted by Jill Slutsky, CC on August 24, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Making a pendulum is SUPER can be anything from a pencil on a string to an elaborately constructed crystal or a grouping of crystals put together with soldering and such.

I have several pendulums. One I made myself from a tumbled egg shaped polished clear quartz crystal, set in a wire cage I bought at Michaels, then I put a sterling chain attached to it with a lobster clasp to make it a little nicer, but you can also use a hemp string or ribbon if you like tied through the top.

I also have a brass pendulum, called a mini Isis, that I purchased from Atala's shop, Crystal Life Technology (you can find the link to it on my favorite resources page) and another amethyst crystal one that is super fancy that I also purchased from Atala. I have also made sets of pendulum for body working and individual use for others.

Once you make your pendulum, then it's time to program it, and you can find instructions for programming your pendulum at Letter to Robin.

Ok! So, pendulums can be used for dowsing. Finding water, or lost objects and things on maps etc...I'll leave that to the dowsers...and more information on that can be found at The American Society of Dowsers. But here I am going to show you how easy it is to make pendulum charts for divination.

First thing you have to do is decide what you want to know about. You can use the blank on my website, to get you started thinking. I am getting some charts ready for other uses'll have to check back and see what goodies I come up with!

View and Print Jill's Pendulum Chart Blank

Ok, so once you have your possible outcomes written on the pie pieces, hold your pendulum over the center circle and ask your question. It's important to be as specific as possible. Nailing every detail down, because what answer you receive depends on your question.

Clear your mind, ask your question and the pendulum will begin to move around the circle, almost like it's thinking :). Then if the answer is in fact on the chart, the pendulum will begin to swing toward it. If it's having a hard time answering, ask it a yes or no question, the answer not on the chart? It will answer the question and you can forward from there. If you have any questions, please ask! I'm happy to help :)

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Reply becca
9:45 PM on November 13, 2011 
I love this page. Very informative, put it in my favorites. ty
Reply Jessica
1:49 AM on August 28, 2010 
This sounds great. I've never used a chart with a pendulum before, but it seems much more effective than just using the standard yes/no method.